The Governor has signed AB 2862 and SB916 into law!   We made a difference for arts education in California!
Thank you to all for your diligence and hard work in this five year journey to update our VAPA Standards.  And now our Theatre and Dance colleagues will have equity with us!
We have come a long, long way in the past few years.  
Thank you to Russ Sperling for the Visionary Dream, to Mike Stone for the perseverance, and to Lynne Faulks for being our boots on the Capitol floors for the past 3 years!
It is time to Congratulate and Celebrate!
Thank you to all for your continued hard work on behalf of Music and Arts Education for all students in California.
Scott Hedgecock
CMEA President
This link is to the Governor's list of bills signed on Monday, September 26, 2016: