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Greetings CMEA members!

With CASMEC nearly upon us, I want to be sure that all of you are aware that the 2nd Annual Tri-M Leadership Summit is also up and coming! On Saturday, February 25, 2017 you are invited to attend our short morning conference with your students (from 9am-12noon) at one of two regional sites in Northern and Southern California. A link to the flyer can be found here. Our goal once again is to leave you with tangible ideas and materials to help you implement a successful Tri-M chapter at your school, exchange ideas and questions in regards to service projects in your community and to be inspired by our wonderful guest speaker (Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser!) to finish of a great school year or to jump start for next year! This will be the gathering of educators and students of current or prospective Tri-M chapter schools in California and we are hoping to build off our successful but humble beginnings last year.

If you don’t have a Tri-M chapter, you are in the process of renewing your chapter, or you have let your chapter membership lapse, we want to see you there! Let’s be clear: this is for everyone!

Register for the event today online at or directly through our Google form found here.

As part of registration there is also a $10 per person fee to attend the event.  This covers the costs of providing breakfast goodies, Tri-M materials, handouts, facilities use fees, etc. We are looking to have at least 3-5 participants from each active chapter school (advisor and officers) and any and all prospective advisor and students who are interested in starting (or renewing) a chapter. The more the merrier, and all are encouraged to attend! Payments can be made online via PayPal as part of the registration form or can be made by check (made payable to CMEA). Checks can be mailed or brought on the day of the event.

Send checks by mail to:                                 

CMEA Office
CA Tri-M Leadership Day
2417 N 11th Ave.
Hanford, CA 93230

Since its beginning in 1936, the Tri-M Music Honor Society has been providing students and music programs across the country with the direction and means to music mastery and community service. Find out how Tri-M can support, improve, and augment your music program, it has a place in every music program at every middle and high school in California! Take a moment to visit NAfME Tri-M page and learn all about how it’s a fit for you and your program:

As a busy music educator myself, I know the day-to-day challenges of running a successful music program. I hope to see you at CASMEC as well as our first annual Tri-M Leadership Summit- it’s worth it for you and your students!

Troy Trimble

CA Tri-M Representative


2nd Annual Tri-M Leadership Summit Flyer (click link to download)